15 minute readings – $30

This reading is a very quick, and to the point opportunity to examine one aspect of your life. It is beneficial if you are hesitant to receive a deeper reading; it works as an excellent introduction into the artform and into how Bailey reads. Usually these readings pertain to an event within the course of one week.

30 minute readings – $60

These readings provide enough detail to assess a current situation or scenario, within a relatively short time frame – approximately one month – and regarding a specific situation.

60 minute readings – $100

These are very involved readings, providing much information concerning a time frame of 3-6 months. During these readings many aspects of your situation may be revealed, and Bailey utilizes her intuition to paint a solid understanding of where you are in your life. These readings also include an instant photograph of your reading and an emailed recording of the hour.

Bailey currently reads with The Wild Unknown tarot, sometimes utilizing the companion Animal Spirit Deck to garner more information where necessary.

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