Bailey received her first set of runes from her mother when she was 13 years old. Shortly thereafter, she was given her first tarot deck, and she has been reading ever since.

She has a naturally intuitive quality that she has further honed through her career in hairstyling. Utilizing tarot as a tool to learn more about a given situation and then using her intuition as a way to offer advice and recommendations, her readings are more of an opportunity to assess your current situation and its options as opposed to a method of fortune telling.

Bailey believes life is not something predetermined or set in stone, but rather something fluid and ever changing. In that sense, tarot offers insight into the scenario, while Bailey is able to offer assistance in understanding how events may unfold if the querent chooses to do nothing. However, choice of the utmost importance in all of her readings. As humans, we have the capacity to shape and change our life however we so desire.

Life isn’t something that happens, it’s something we create.

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