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Yesterday, Bailey cut my hair. I went from having hair that was about 5 inches past my shoulders to a rather short pixie cut. I showed her a photo of Mia Farrow (circa rosemary’s baby) and a photo of Tao Okamoto (post bowl cut) and requested something mod. I’ve had super short hair before, but have never gotten exactly what I wanted. That is, until Bailey cut my hair. To quote my boyfriend, it looks “exactly like the photo”.

I knew she would be able to come close to the photo– after all, the stylists here are pretty reliable. But I honestly didn’t expect her to be so bang on– especially since I showed her a photo of a Caucasian woman and Asian (my hair) is a bit different. Not only that, but my head is not shaped like Mia Farrow’s. However, Bailey managed to sculpt my hair in such a way that my face appeared more slender and feminine, which I didn’t think was possible.

Rarely have I ever loved my hair right after I got it cut– especially after a dramatic length change. Bailey is truly a gem and really gets how to work around what I felt was an awkward shaped head. If you’re going for a dramatic change from long hair to short hair, I *highly* recommend Bailey. It’s also worth mentioning that she’s uber friendly. ~ M’Chelle N.

Bailey did an awesome job and knew just what to do with my ultra fine, long hair. I wanted to keep the length but add some shape and texture, which not everyone gets right with my type of hair, but I got exactly what I was looking for!  I’m impressed with the whole experience and it was also more affordable than a lot of other places in Vancouver. I’ll definitely be going back for all my future haircuts! ~ Sondra P.

It’s always nerve wracking seeing someone new for your hair, and to add to that stress I was doing it after I had a hair DISASTER….a week before my wedding! Bailey was lovely and put me at ease, and even though I went in with Smurf blue hair I got to leave with a smokey blue based grey! Talk about a life saver – I’ve been going back ever since. Bailey listens to exactly what you want and really takes her time to make sure you’re leaving with it. The location is convenient, the shop is cute, and the shop they share space with always sucks me in after my appointment; which is both a good and bad thing, depending on whether you ask me or my wallet. Go! ~ Carmen P.4199

Bailey is the only person I trust to cut and colour my curly hair. After endless salons gave me a cut totally inappropriate for curls, I stopped going to “professionals” for years. Bailey has such a knack for giving my hair shape and bounce. And she is an absolute master with colours, helping me achieve my wild colour dreams. Highly recommended! ~ Sara F.

I would just like to express how happy I am with my bleach out! My hair Artist was Bailey and she is WONDERFUL!! She is a perfectionist and does a fantastic job! I would recommend anyone looking for an artist that will care for your hair as much as you yourself would! Definitely recommend going to Bailey! 🙂 ~ Rani B.

Bailey has been cutting my hair for ages now and she’s the only person I trust with my hair. She’s super personable, warm, and not to mention an incredible stylist. I cannot say enough good things about her! ~ Yana S.

I’ve been seeing Bailey since September of 2016 when she saved me from certain hair misery right before my wedding by pulling off an epic colour correction and I’ve been going back ever since. She’s helped me grow out a full head shave while still having style – even during the most difficult phases! If you want some rad af colour and good conversation with a down to earth weirdo (my favourite kind of person) then see her. I swear you won’t be sorry. ~ Carmen P.

I love Bailey and how she treats and styles my hair. I always feel gorgeous after she is done with my unruly hair. I highly recommend her! ~ Kyla B.

Bailey is super! She’s unique, talented and friendly! All the things I want in a hair stylist 🙂 ~ Robin S.

It took me 2 long years filled with stifled sob-smiles and hardcore praying in front of many a hairdresser’s mirror before I finally found this gem, and the saviour of my hair, Bailey.

I’m Asian, so it’s always been a struggle for me to find a hairdresser whenever I moved. However, Bailey knew exactly what to do with it after I told her what I wanted.

The cost of a wash and expert cut is absolutely worth it in my books. Seriously, come here and ask for Bailey for a kickass haircut. ~ Leslie C.

Bailey cut my hair. She is an absolute doll. Very sweet, easy to talk to + gave me exactly what I wanted. With so many recommendations I see why. So pleased w my experience. ~ Madelina H.

4127I was on time for my appointment and Bailey was there to greet me. I showed her a picture of what I have in mind and Bailey can envision the hairdo on me. She was quite excited to cut my massive thick hair to thin short bob. Prior to cutting my hair, Bailey informed me the stages that she will be performing, which I appreciate since then I know what to expect.

As the magician worked, we chatted how she enjoyed performing haircut transformations. My hair is thick, long and most stylist can’t cut my hair to make it work. I have to say Bailey was one of the best magician I had that can cut my hair to a short hairdo. Not only was it done nicely, but Bailey ensure that the haircut has minimal afterwash care (*swoon* I love low maintenance) ~ Elsa C.