img_3280Bailey has been passionate about hair her entire life. Whether she was cutting her Barbie’s hair off, or dyeing her own hair with Kool-Aid, she has always used hair as a medium of expression. She trained as a stylist in Kelowna, graduating with an Academic Achievement award, and shortly thereafter moved to Vancouver where her career flourished.

She spent over a year working with a Sassoon educated stylist, where she further honed her craft and continued her education. She has done session styling at Vancouver fashion week, volunteered doing hair to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society, and has assisted in doing hair and beauty events for at risk youth.

Bailey has a natural flair for understanding all the idiosyncrasies of hair; whether it’s adjusting the weight and movement, layering to encourage flow, or working with unruly cowlicks and growth patterns. Her vision of hair is built upon the idea that the best cuts are the ones that last the longest. She takes care to ensure her haircuts are structured enough to hold their shape, yet textured enough that the hair has room to grow and move without feeling dense or boxy. However, she also understands how finer hair requires denser lines and stronger weight to prevent hair from looking fine or wispy.

Her talents as a colorist come from having an artistic background. She has a deep understanding of color theory, and how that pertains to skin tone and hair texture. She aims to mimic natural lighting in all of her colors, whether they are natural tones or the most vivid.

Bailey is currently self employed, working out of Artel Salon in East Vancouver.

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